Amina Thai is a quaint eatery located on Hillside ave and 169th St nearby the F Train station. From the outside it is difficult to see inside due to the strong tints placed over the all glass facade however the is no missing it’s brightly lit signage that stands out easily next to its standard awning counterparts.

Once inside the decor is far from stimulating. Though the color combination is soothing and feels appropriate, the lack of wall fixtures, art work and definitely the lack of music take away from the experience by not really giving you much to talk about. The tables and chairs fit well within the decor scheme.

The menu is presented in a great way. You have your choice of protein and you choose which style you would like it to be prepared. Each dish on the menu combines tradition asian ingredients with the spice and flare of desi cuisine.

IMG_1938We chose chicken lollipops as our appetizer and were disappointed when told that they were out due to it’s popularity. Mind you when we arrived the place was empty. So instead we tried the chicken dumplings. The texture of the dough was nice, it melted more so then needed to be chewed. The chicken filling was OK. It had a burnt frozen quality to it that made me try another one just to be sure I didn’t just get a burnt one the first go around. It wasn’t burnt. It’s suppose to taste like that.

IMG_1940For our entrees my girlfriend ordered the beef fried rice and I order the Sizzler, a hot plate of spicy beef, onions and red peppers. The friend rice was really good. It was light and flavorful and the beef was cooked just right so as not to be tough. My beef sizzler was equally good and very spicy. It had a great kick to it provided by the curry influence that was very pronounced. Combined with the friend rice the spicy beef popped even more. We were ultimately both please with our orders, and each others orders.

IMG_1941For desert we had the green tea fried ice cream, a first for my girlfriend. The dough was sweet and fried just hard enough. The ice cream was a little too hard but once in melted a bit the process of eating it became more enjoyable. The chocolate drizzle was a great topping and really added to the whole flavor combination. Dessert was our favorite part.

In all we enjoy Amina Thai both for it food and price. At only $35 for the both of us we didn’t walk away feeling robbed. Out of a possible 5 stars I give Amina Thai 3.5 stars. Highly recommended for local college students looking for a different taste that’s a few blocks from home.

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